Start With Yourself: 10 Great Ways To Practice Self Love


Any sustainable growth starts with yourself- self-love. You might be so keenly focused on building a business or something. You can’t build anything if you don’t build yourself. Your personal brand precedes the growth of any other business brand you are building. 

Personal branding = loving yourself 

Business branding = loving your audience 

Today, show yourself love so you can position yourself to radiate love and consequently discover growth. This valentine 💘,  and beyond, never forget for Lucille Ball said,

 “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” 

Even the Bible encourages us to remove whatever obstructs our vision before we can actually help others see what is good. To love your neighbor as yourself means you must actually love yourself! It all comes to wisdom from above, without which it becomes easy for one to become conceited.

To acquire wisdom is to love yourself; people who cherish understanding will prosper- Proverbs 19:8 NLT

So today, get wisdom, love yourself, love others, then build something great. You may be wondering how to really show yourself, love. Does it mean for one to be selfish? NO! To begin a self-love practice that will alter your relationship with yourself and the world around you, follow these straightforward guidelines.

Self-love is a magical thing. Self-love is a potent force that has a positive impact on every facet of your life. Don’t give in to your inner critic any longer; put an end to hearing that voice telling you that you aren’t good enough; no more taking what you don’t deserve for granted. You can make healthy choices that are in your best interest when you love yourself.

We are all aware of the advantages of self-love and that we all require it. What exactly is the real issue? How can we acquire self-love? How can we cultivate a loving, in-depth relationship with ourselves? The following are ten effective actions you can take to begin the rewarding journey toward genuine self-love.


1. Identify Your Purpose 

If you want to transform your desire for self-love into a reality, you must be emotionally invested in the journey. What is the significance of self-love to you? Your capacity to see it through increases as a result of your response to that question. It all starts with a clearly defined purpose. Knowing why you must love yourself the right way puts you in a better position to Empower Yourself to Success.

2. Commitment 

Commit yourself wholeheartedly to your quest for self-love. No excuses, Self-love should be treated as a top priority in your life. Nothing should stand between you and your relationship with yourself.

3. Forgiveness

If you’re weighed down by resentment and anger, how can you expect to move on in your life? It’s easy. You can not. Time for forgiveness. Forgive others as well as yourself. When you forgive someone else for their wrongdoings, you are not endorsing their behavior; rather, you are merely giving yourself permission to let go and move on. This is a difficult step, but it is absolutely necessary.

4. Take Back Your Power

Stop thinking about yourself as a victim and take control of your life. No more blaming your circumstances or pointing the finger at others. It’s time to admit fault and take charge. You regain the ability to effect change the moment you take ownership.


5. Release Yourself 

Let go of anything that isn’t helping you in the best possible way. This includes friendships, relationships, and routines… Get rid of everything that is holding you back. This step may make you feel lonely, but it will pass. Change the bad people with the good ones; replace bad habits with positive ones.

6. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Choose positive people to surround yourself with. Individuals who serve your highest good. Be surrounded by people who truly care about, support, and admire you. Find those people if you don’t already know them. Find them and don’t stop until you find them.

7. Embrace Self-Compassion 

Be gentle with yourself. Be your own best friend rather than your harshest critic. Talk to yourself in the manner you would like to be spoken to. You should treat yourself as you would want to be treated. And as you go, keep forgiving yourself.

8. Take Care of Your Needs

Take care of yourself by doing what you need to do. You can accomplish this, so stop waiting for others to meet your needs. Take care of your needs as they come up, and don’t put them off for any reason.

9. Establish healthy boundaries

Setting up healthy boundaries is extremely beneficial to your health. They safeguard your requirements and value you. Never be afraid to establish appropriate limits. Listening to your intuition can help you determine when a boundary needs to be established. A boundary has been crossed if a conversation feels unpleasant. That suggests that you need to establish a boundary.

10. Commit to Self-Love Habits

Every day, you can show yourself the love, respect, and level of care you truly desire by engaging in self-love habits. This is very beneficial especially if they appeal in a positive or energizing way. 

Wrapping it up

You are building a great career, brand, business, and of course great relationships when you start by building yourself. You are the core of the ultimate dream you purpose. It is your divine duty to love yourself. Your entire life will transform in the most amazing ways if you make the commitment to a close, loving relationship with yourself. To cultivate self-love and lead a life that truly reflects your highest good, follow these ten steps.

Go and excel.

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